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October 3, 2008

1.1 Features Update

by shiftyjelly

open to top location

Just a quick update for you all, we are busily working on version 1.1, and are now able to confirm some of the features that will definitely be making the cut. First and foremost there is our #1 requested feature, having some way to go straight to your favourite forecast without having to go through the home screen. We thought long and hard about it, and decided to let you turn off or on a feature that lets you go straight to the forecast for your topmost location when the application first opens. There are lots of other features coming to 1.1, but here are a few more that we can confirm:

  • ‘Zune’ brown (as one of our customers put it) for the high will be replaced
  • Maximums and minimums will be switched around
  • Radar loop images will support pausing on the last frame, and will no longer crash if you access too many of them
  • Fetching weather will be even quicker, more streamlined and require even less data than before
  • Pressure information has been added.
  • Default observation location for NSW is now Sydney Airport, so that you get wind information.
  • A 6 day forecast will now fit on one screen, rather than being cut off when you scroll down.

Be assured this is only about 1/4 of the things we are actually working on, but we want to leave some things as a surprise…

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