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October 20, 2009


Pocket Weather AU 2.0

by shiftyjelly

Now that we’ve finalised the feature set for Pocket Weather AU 2.0, and are only days from releasing it from Apple, we’ve decided to announce one new set of features on Twitter ( every day until Apple approves the update. In case you missed it todays are:

  • Live Radar (if turned on this keeps your radar up to date automatically)
  • Find/Track Me on the radar screen
  • Pick radars in any state (previously you could only pick the ones in the state your location was in)
  • New Terrey Hills Sydney Radar
  • New Radar infrastructure that allows us to roll out new radars to our users without an application update

As you can see todays update was all about Radars. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about how we’ve re-worked the way you add new locations. By the time the update gets approved by Apple we should have covered everything there is to know about the biggest and best version of Pocket Weather AU yet!

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  1. Andrew Maloney
    Oct 21 2009

    I’m looking forward to version 2 of Pkt Weather AU, the best aussie weather app currently available for the iphone in my opinion. Though in the new update, i hope weather warnings are more detailed than in previous versions. Also it would be great if there was a breaking weather news section or a forum where weather nuts like me could post there observations/comments, as i love watching thunderstorms.

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